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Carpentry Services

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Cabinet Carpentry

Well-made kitchen or bathroom cabinets are invaluable to a home, while poorly designed ones can leave you with a recurring headache. At MC Construction Tri-Cities LLC we are very proud of the fact that all our custom and pre-fabricated cabinets fall into the former category. Our skilled team of cabinetry tradesmen have years of experience designing, so it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about creating the perfect space for you


For the best in carpentry services, you need to call MC Construction Tri-Cities LLC. With years of experience in the industry and a passion for carpentry that you need to get the job done right, MC Construction Tri-Cities LLC is the name to know. Our many years of providing top-of-the-line carpentry services in Pasco have given us the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill your vision.

Carpentry Services

Are you in the middle of building a new home but can’t seem to find the right carpenter to turn your house into a dream home? Are you operating under a tight budget? Do you want the most value for money from your carpentry service? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you would benefit from the professional carpentry services offered by premium carpentry providers.

Custom Carpentry And Woodworking

MC Construction Tri-Cities LLC is a little bit different than your traditional custom carpentry and woodworking services available in Kennewick. Unlike many of our competitors who have only recently delved into the customized woodworking field, we are proud to say that this is an area of expertise that we have specialized in for years. The experience that we have received in this time has helped us develop and evolve our service so that today we are one of the leading providers of custom carpentry and woodworking.

Hardwood Flooring

MC Construction Tri-Cities LLC is your top choice for hardwood flooring in Pasco. With years of experience, we've earned a stellar reputation for our masterful product range, client-focused services, and best-in-class workmanship. Add a touch of class, style, and value to your interior, and shop our curated selection of hardwood floors today.

Wood Stairs And Railing Installation

At MC Construction Tri-Cities LLC we offer a wide range of wooden stairs and railings that can enhance any home. What’s more, our award-winning installation service means that no matter what the space and size dimensions of your residential or commercial property, our skilled team of carpenters will ensure that all our designs will fit seamlessly. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of the stairs and railing installation service, our team can handle even the most challenging of tasks with a professional touch.